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Remove Special Character

About This Tool:

The “Remove Special Characters from Text” tool allows you to eliminate special characters from your text. Simply input your text, click the button, and the tool will remove any special characters, giving you clean and normalized text output.

How to use:

  1. Enter your text in the provided text area.
  2. Click the “Remove Special Characters” button.
  3. The tool will process your text and remove any special characters.
  4. The cleaned text will be displayed in the output area.
  5. You can copy the result to the clipboard or download it as a text file using the respective buttons.
  6. To start over, click the “Clear All” button.
  7. Enjoy the convenience of having special character-free text at your fingertips!


Q: What are special characters?
A: Special characters refer to any non-alphanumeric characters such as symbols, punctuation marks, and diacritical marks.

Q: How does this tool remove special characters?
A: The tool uses regular expressions to identify and remove any characters that are not letters, numbers, or spaces.

Q: Will the tool remove all non-English characters?
A: No, the tool specifically targets special characters regardless of their language. Non-special non-English characters will not be removed.

Q: Can I remove special characters from multiple lines of text?
A: Yes, you can input multiple lines of text into the text area, and the tool will remove special characters from each line.

Q: Is the removal of special characters case-sensitive?
A: No, the removal of special characters is case-insensitive. It will remove special characters regardless of their case.

Q: Can I download the cleaned text as a file?
A: Yes, you can download the cleaned text as a text file by clicking the “Download Result as Text File” button.

Q: How can I clear the input and output areas?
A: Click the “Clear All” button to clear both the input and output areas.

Q: Can I copy the cleaned text to the clipboard?
A: Yes, you can copy the cleaned text to the clipboard by clicking the “Copy Result to Clipboard” button.

Q: Does the tool remove special characters from numbers?
A: No, the tool will not remove special characters from numbers, only from letters and spaces.

Q: Can I use this tool offline?
A: No, the tool requires an internet connection as it relies on the jQuery library hosted online.