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Remove Non-English Characters

About This Tool:

The “Remove Non-English Characters” tool is a handy utility for users to remove non-English characters from text. It provides options to remove lines containing non-English characters and empty lines. The tool also allows users to copy the result to the clipboard or download it as a text file.

How to Use:

  1. Input your text in the provided textarea.
  2. Click the “Remove Non-English Characters” button to remove non-English characters.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select additional options:
  4. The result will appear in the output textarea.
  5. Click “Copy Result to Clipboard” to copy the result.
  6. Click “Download Result as Text File” to save the result as a text file.


Q: What does this tool do?
A: The tool removes non-English characters from text, allowing you to clean your content.

Q: Can it remove lines with non-English characters?
A: Yes, by checking the “Remove Lines that Contain Non-English Characters” checkbox, you can remove entire lines containing non-English characters.

Q: Can it remove empty lines?
A: Absolutely! By checking the “Remove Empty Lines” checkbox, you can eliminate any empty lines from the output.

Q: Can I copy the result?
A: Yes, the tool provides a “Copy Result to Clipboard” button to conveniently copy the cleaned result.

Q: Is there an option to download the result?
A: Yes, the tool offers a “Download Result as Text File” button to save the cleaned result as a text file.

Q: Which characters are considered non-English?
A: The tool removes any character that is not within the ASCII range (non-English characters).

Q: Can I remove non-English characters without checking any checkboxes?
A: Yes, clicking the “Remove Non-English Characters” button alone will remove non-English characters from the text.

If you just want to remove lines which contain any specific word or characters, you can use this “remove line containing tool“.