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Remove Non-English Characters

About This Tool:

The “Remove Non-English Characters” tool is a handy utility for users to remove non-English characters from text. It provides options to remove lines containing non-English characters and empty lines. The tool also allows users to copy the result to the clipboard or download it as a text file.

How to Use:

  1. Input your text in the provided textarea.
  2. Click the “Remove Non-English Characters” button to remove non-English characters.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select additional options:
    • “Remove Lines that Contain Non-English Characters” to remove lines with non-English characters.
    • “Remove Empty Lines” to remove empty lines.
  4. The result will appear in the output textarea.
  5. Click “Copy Result to Clipboard” to copy the result.
  6. Click “Download Result as Text File” to save the result as a text file.


Q: What does this tool do?
A: The tool removes non-English characters from text, allowing you to clean your content.

Q: Can it remove lines with non-English characters?
A: Yes, by checking the “Remove Lines that Contain Non-English Characters” checkbox, you can remove entire lines containing non-English characters.

Q: Can it remove empty lines?
A: Absolutely! By checking the “Remove Empty Lines” checkbox, you can eliminate any empty lines from the output.

Q: Can I copy the result?
A: Yes, the tool provides a “Copy Result to Clipboard” button to conveniently copy the cleaned result.

Q: Is there an option to download the result?
A: Yes, the tool offers a “Download Result as Text File” button to save the cleaned result as a text file.

Q: Which characters are considered non-English?
A: The tool removes any character that is not within the ASCII range (non-English characters).

Q: Can I remove non-English characters without checking any checkboxes?
A: Yes, clicking the “Remove Non-English Characters” button alone will remove non-English characters from the text.