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Extract URLs from Text

About This Tools

The Extract URLs from Text tool allows you to effortlessly extract URLs from a block of text. Simply input your text, click the “Extract URLs” button, and instantly retrieve all the URLs present. You can choose to remove duplicate URLs and easily copy or download the results. Simplify the process of extracting URLs with this user-friendly tool.

How to Use

  1. Input your text: Enter the text containing URLs into the provided text area labeled “Input your Texts here….” You can type or paste the text.
  2. Extract URLs: Click the “Extract URLs” button to extract all the URLs from the input text. The tool will scan the text and retrieve the URLs.
  3. Remove duplicate URLs (optional): Check the “Remove Duplicate URLs” checkbox if you want to remove any duplicate lines of URLs from the extracted list.
  4. View the results: The extracted URLs will appear in the text area labeled “Your Results will be here….” You can see all the URLs that were found.
  5. Clear all data: To start over, click the “Clear All” button. It will clear both the input and output text areas, allowing you to begin with a fresh input.
  6. Copy or download the result: Use the “Copy Result to Clipboard” button to copy the extracted URLs. If you prefer to download the result, click the “Download Result as Text File” button to save it as a text file.

Extracting URLs from text has never been easier. Try the Extract URLs from Text tool now to simplify the process and save time!


Q: What is the purpose of the Extract URLs from Text tool?
A: This tool is designed to extract URLs from a block of text, making it convenient to retrieve and work with URLs separately.

Q: What type of text can I input into the tool?
A: You can input any text containing URLs, such as paragraphs, articles, or even code snippets.

Q: How do I extract the URLs from the text?
A: Simply enter the text in the provided text area and click the “Extract URLs” button. The tool will scan the text and extract the URLs.

Q: Can I remove duplicate URLs from the extracted list?
A: Yes, you have the option to remove duplicate URLs by checking the “Remove Duplicate URLs” checkbox.

Q: What format will the extracted URLs be presented in?
A: The extracted URLs will be displayed in the output text area, with each URL on a separate line.

Q: Can I clear the input and output data?
A: Yes, you can click the “Clear All” button to reset both the input and output text areas.

Q: How can I copy the extracted URLs?
A: Use the “Copy Result to Clipboard” button to copy the extracted URLs. You can then paste them into another document or application.

Q: Is there a way to download the extracted URLs?
A: Yes, the tool provides a “Download Result as Text File” button. Click it, and the extracted URLs will be downloaded as a text file.

Q: Does this tool modify the original text?
A: No, the tool only extracts the URLs from the text and does not make any changes to the original content.

Q: Is my data secure when using this tool?
A: The tool operates locally in your browser, ensuring that your data remains on your device and is not sent to any servers.